We are so excited to embark on this amazing adventure with you. As we look at the news today we see more and more stories of death and hopelessness.  We wanted to share with you the “real” news as we saw it; real inspiring people, doing real uplifting things, in real positive communities.  We are not obvious to the major problems of this world, but it doesn’t have to be front and center every moment.  We strive to give you a well-rounded un-biased perspective of news you can use to improve your daily lives.   First, we would like to give you a little back ground about us.

 Wazobia Global Times is an extension of Wazobia Global Network which was founded in 2012 to promote unity among minority groups, with emphasis on Public Relations, Youth Development and Community Organizing. On July 19, 2014 we successfully launched “Unleashing Your Talent: Success Secrets of Highly Talented People, a motivational book for youth; which is available on Amazon.  Now, we have the pleasure of presenting our newly expanded newspaper.

Wazobia Global Times is a print and online newspaper that promotes the health of the community as a whole, minority businesses, and the vision of Wazobia Global Network. At Wazobia Global Times we want to make sure that the people we service have the news that will positively impact their lives, as well as a resource they can trust.

Thank you for picking this publication and allowing us to give you inspiring information. We look forward to serving you.

Thank you,

Wazobia Times Staff


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