A True Life Saver

Photo Credit: Houston Profile Magazine
Photo Credit: Houston Profile Magazine

By: Wazobia Times Staff

Fed up with the bureaucracy behind seeing patients at the Houston hospital where she worked, 31 year old Dr. Foyekemi Ikyaator decided do something extraordinary. In December 2015 Dr. Ikyaator and her husband opened Life Savers Emergency Room where patients can get one on one care without feeling like number.

After completing her residency in 2012 at the Emory School of Medicine and Public Health in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Ikyaator took a job at the St. Luke’s Health System in Houston, TX. It only took a short time for her to realize that seeing 20 to 30 patients per shift was not enough time to truly take care of the patient as a whole.

The idea behind Life Savers ER is for the medical staff to be able to have more time with the patients to get to the heart of the problem. Not only can they handle acute care, but also a host of chronic illnesses for those who have limited access to care.

For more information about the Life Savers Emergency Room log on to www.lifesavers.com or follow them on Facebook.


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