Nigerian Lawyers Fight Buhari

By: Wazobia Times Staff


Nigerian Lawyers are upset over President Muhammadu Buhari’s recent criticism of the Judiciary in his fight against corruption.

In January while at the African Union’s Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, President Buhari, blasted the judiciary by saying, “My biggest challenge in the anti-corruption fight remains the Judiciary.”

During the valedictory session of Justice Mohammed Muntaka-Coomassie of the Supreme Court, Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) President, Augustine Alegeh, had this to say.

“…the recent attack directed at the judiciary over the ongoing fight against corruption won’t be embraced. The NBA condemns in its entirety the generalization and/or categorization of the Judiciary as being corrupt and an impediment to the zero corruption policy of the present administration.”

Alegeh also stated that, although there are corrupt lawyers in the system, the classification of the entire judiciary as corrupt is a strong misconception and an attempt to deter the Judiciary.

Although the NBA President did not mention President Buhari in his speech, it was clear that President Buhari was one of those to which the comment was directed.


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