Years of Waiting Now Over

By: Wazobia Times Staff

Photo Credit: Kevin C. Downs for New York Daily News
Photo Credit: Kevin C. Downs for New York Daily News

A Nigerian woman gives birth to triplets after years of complications.

Nothing is impossible. After 6 years of not being able to conceive, 34 year old Temitope Alao welcomed a girl, Temilouwa (meaning “God belongs to me”), and two boys, Oluwafikayomi (meaning “God has increased my joy”) and Ifeoluwa (meaning “God’s love”) at the Woodhull Hospital, Brooklyn, New York Thursday.

Afolake Alao, the mother-in-law of Temitope and a nurse at Woodhull Medical Center, said that she insisted that her daughter-in-law come to this hospital to deliver her babies, “I knew she would get good care here. The only thing left to do now is introduce the babies to their dad for the first time.”

The new mother of three expressed her gratitude by saying “I’m so happy, and grateful to Almighty God”.

The new family of four will return to Nigeria when the babies are old enough to travel.


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