Confirmed Bomb on Somali Plane

By: Dayo Fasasi Two people injured as an explosion rips a hole in the side of a passenger plane on Tuesday. An unnamed man was thrown out of a Daallo Airlines Airbus A321 at 14,000 feet after an explosion blasted a six foot hole through the fuselage just minutes after it took off from Mogadishu International Airport. Eyewitnesses said that the badly fire razed body fell to the earth about 15 miles away from the airport. “I think it was a bomb. Luckily, the flight controls were not damaged so I could return and land at the airport. Something like … Continue reading Confirmed Bomb on Somali Plane

8 Questions for Budding Entrepreneurs

By: Wazobia Times Staff Most people dream of being their own boss and calling the shots, but do they have what it takes? Here are 8 questions you should ask yourself before you jump into the world of entrepreneurship. Do you have a plan? Always, always start with a plan. If you don’t know where you’re going you will never get there. Take the time to write out your business plan; that way you have a clear view of what your business is all about, as well as if you are on track. Is this a hustle or a business? … Continue reading 8 Questions for Budding Entrepreneurs

APC Chairman’s Daughter Married in Style

By: Dayo Fasasi The daughter of John Odigie-Oyegun, the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Eniyemamwen Oyegun, married her lover Umaso Eketu a Nigerian Air Force officer on Saturday in Lagos. The union of Eniyemamwen and Umaso took place at the Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedral in Lagos and the reception was held at the Haven‎ Event Centre also in Lagos. ‎ The church wedding was well-attended, with the likes of Senate President-Bukola Saraki, Speaker House of Representatives Yakubu Dogara was represented by House Deputy Chief Whip‎-Pally Iriase, the wife of the President Aisha Buhari was represented by … Continue reading APC Chairman’s Daughter Married in Style

States Briefed on the Zika Virus

By: Dayo Fasasi The Nigerian Government has put all 36 states, including the Federal Capital Territory, on alert over the declaration of Zika virus as an international public health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO). In a telephone interview with newsmen the Director General of the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), Prof. Abdulsalam Nasidi, said that the red alert was to enable effective monitoring of the mosquito transmitting the deadly virus. The Nigerian government, who just battled the deadly Ebola virus, is now making all of its citizens more aware of the Zika virus. Zika virus, also known … Continue reading States Briefed on the Zika Virus

Asylum Denied

By: Wazobia Times Staff Sweden announces that they are rejecting up to 80,000 asylum applications. Interior Minister, Anders Ygeman, announced Thursday that thousands of migrants that came to Sweden seeking asylum would be turned away. Out of the 160,000 people that have arrived in the past year that nearly half of them would be sent out of the country. Those that have had their applications rejected would be removed on specially chartered aircraft staggered over several years. On the same day Finland’s Interior Minister, Paivi Nerg, also announced that they too would be rejecting about 20,000 asylum seekers from last … Continue reading Asylum Denied

N1.34 Trillion Missing

By: Dayo Fasasi The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has stated that there are 55 confirmed people who have stolen N1.34 trillion from the Nigerian treasury from 2006 to 2013. Mohammed said “There are just 55 people who stole N1.34 trillion from the Federal Government. These were former governors, ministers, politicians and bankers”, though he neglected to list them. Mohammed proclaimed, “If only one third of these looted funds could be recovered, it would build 635km of dual carriageway, it will educate 3974 children from primary school to tertiary institutions at N25m per child, also in addition … Continue reading N1.34 Trillion Missing

One Bad Apple

By: Wazobia Times Staff Father arrested after taking his daughter’s iphone as punishment. In September 2013, Ronald Jackson thought he was doing the right thing when he saw an inappropriate text message on his then 12 year old daughter’s phone. The child’s mother, Michelle Steppe, thought that taking the phone away was too harsh a punishment and demanded the telephone be returned at once; Jackson refused. Later in 2013, Jackson received a citation in the mail for theft of property. After being offered a plea deal Jackson hired a lawyer and asked for a jury trial. In the wee hours … Continue reading One Bad Apple

2016 Top Public Colleges and Universities

By: Wazobia Times Staff Every year the U.S. News and World Report puts together a list of the top public colleges and universities in the country. For those college minded high school students and those adults trying to go back to school, this is a valuable starting point on a decision of what school is right for you. #1   University of California—​Berkeley Berkeley, CA #2   University of California—​Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA #3   University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA #4   University of Michigan—​Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, MI #5   University of North Carolina—​Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC … Continue reading 2016 Top Public Colleges and Universities