Free Income Tax Preparation in Michigan

By: Wazobia Times Staff

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April 15th will be here before you know it. For all those late birds that still needs to get there taxes done, this story is for you.

Tax fees can cost you upwards of $300, more if you have complicated taxes. This is where Accounting Aid Society (AAS) comes in, they will do your taxes for FREE.

Yes I said F-R-E-E!

Of course there are conditions to free, sorry to get you so excited, maybe I should have told you that up front.

FREE for individuals with incomes up to $35,000

FREE for families with incomes up to $54,000

If you fall into either one of these categories you’re in luck, getting your taxes done can be as quick making an appointment.

Or if you prefer to do your taxes yourself, they will even give you FREE software and online support for anyone with an income up to $62,000.

Before I tell you where you need to go, I want to make sure you are prepared to get your taxes done. You will need the following:

o   Identification/Social Security Card(s)

o   Income Statements or Forms

o   Proof of Expenses

o   Amount of Annual Heating Costs

o   Homeowners

  • 2015 taxable value of your home
  • A complete copy of your summer and winter property tax bills for 2015

o   Renters

  • Your lease or rental contract
  • Rent receipts
  • Your Landlord’s name and address

o   Direct Deposit Information

Now that you have all your information together, you can call and make your appointment.

“Where do I go for such a deal?”

I’m glad you asked.

AAS has offices in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Livingston Counties. For all of the Detroit locations call 313-556-1920 to make an appointment. For all other locations and a list of AAS’s many other services go to their website at

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