Nigeria to Collaborate with Al Jazeera

By: Dayo Fasasi

Federal Government of Nigeria seeks collaboration of Al Jazeera broadcast media organization.

In a meeting with the Acting Director-General of Al Jazeera, Mostefa Souag, Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, asked the renowned world media organization for collaboration in the area of capacity building for journalists in the public media in Nigeria.Lai-Mohammed1

Mohammed also added that the collaboration could also include exchange of programs and human resources. All in an effort to restructure the Nigerian Television Authority and other publicly-funded media establishments to enhance their performance.

“Our plan is to reposition the public media organizations to make them effective and competitive, irrespective of which government is in power,” said Mohammed. “For a long time, government media organizations have lost their independence and credibility. I want to restore the glory and credibility of the public-owned media organizations.’’

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