2,000 to Celebrate at Easter Picnic

By: Dayo Fasasi

Two thousand people set to attend a picnic at Sultan Beach on Monday, March 28th.

In celebration of the Easter holiday, Nigerian lawmaker Abayomi Dauda Kako-Are, kakorepresenting Lagos State’s Mushin Federal Constituency under the Accord Party at the House of Representatives, told the News Agency of Nigeria that this picnic would afford members of his constituency the opportunity to relax in a natural setting devoid of the hustling and bustling of the city center, where he represent.

“This had been my culture to take members of my constituency to tourist sites during Easter celebration annually,” stated Abayomi. “I believe my people need to enjoy the dividends of democracy and this is an avenue to do so. I will be responsible for the expenses and not the constituency because I do not want my people to be overburdened.’’

Besides organizing this Easter picnic, Abayomi Dauda, was the first Nigerian lawmaker to put in place a “free ride to school” program for student in his constituency.

The free ride to school project started with two trucks, which were set aside for the purpose of conveying students in Primary and secondary school to and from their various schools daily. Now the trucks have increased to twenty (20); other Lawmakers are now emulating Abayomi’s good work.

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