African Youth League Holds Inaugural Gala at OSU

26104433435_63035d0803_mThe African Youth League hosted their inaugural African Distinction25501810563_0b31aab2c9_m Awards Gala at Ohio State University this past weekend.

The turnout exceeded their expectations and received attendees from visiting schools such as Denison University and Purdue University.

25501821053_978204578a_mOne of the board members, Grace Azenabor had this to say, “Everyone looked absolutely amazing throughout the night as formal African wear was the encouraged dress code for the event.”


26104431615_6824108126_mIn addition to a beautiful exhibition of African culture through dress and fashion, African distinction was demonstrated through the awards ceremony in itself. They honored 5 students who had shown achievement in the academic, athletic, fine arts, leadership and humanitarian aid fields with awards named after prominent African leaders in their respective fields including Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. In addition, they also awarded faculty and leaders in the community who have invested into the lives of Africans and the Diaspora community.


Finally, performances focused on African culture made the night exceptionally memorable as dance, song, spoken word, and traditional drumming were displayed on stage.

“All in all, AYL is proud to have been able to host an event like this for our 21st year celebration as we feel it is important to acknowledge and honor Africans in our community who are making a legacy through their achievement, distinction and impact,” said Azenabor. “We hope in the future this event will be more representative of the entire Midwestern African community and cannot wait to see how this event grows.” 26038078041_abc7b664c8_m

Photo Credit: Malik Kamagate


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