Nigerian-American Harvard Graduate Among Nation’s Young Rising Stars

Saheela Ibraheem has an impressive resume.

At fifteen (15) years old her SAT score of 2,340 (a perfect 800 on the math section, a 790 in writing and a 750 in reading) opened doors for her to be accepted to schools like MIT, the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, Brown, Princeton, Columbia, and the University of Chicago; in the end choosing Harvard majoring in neurobiology with a minor in computer science.

At the age of sixteen (16), she was named one of “The World’s 50 Smartest Teenagers,” which got her an invitation to the White House. After introducing the president and first lady during a Black History Month program, President Obama described her by saying,

“Young people like this inspire our future.”

This New Jersey girl is not all about academics, she is also into giving back to her community. At Harvard she worked with The Science Club for Girls, which provides after-school mentoring at the Amigos School in Cambridge, and Dreamporte, which uses 3-D technology to teach geography and world culture to foster children. Now at twenty (20) she can add Harvard Graduate to her list of many accomplishments.

Ibraheem has these words of wisdom for others, “Anyone who’s motivated can work wonders. If you are passionate about what you do, it will work out well.”


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