Solar Powered Bus Makes History in Uganda

Uganda’s Kiira Motors has rolled into the history books, literally.

Engineers at Kiira have unveiled Africa’s first electric solar powered bus

Known as “Kayoola,” the bus uses two batteries that are charged using the solar panels attached to the vehicle’s roof. With a full charge the bus can complete a trip to the country’s international airport in Entebbe and back to Kampala.

It took 60 staff members, 12 artisans, and 12 engineers to design and build Kayoola.

Kayoola produces no fumes, makes less noise than the average bus, and with an estimated production cost of $58,000 this may be the answer to the air pollution problem in Africa* at large.

Chief Executive Officer of Kiira Motors, Paul Isaac Musasizi had this to say about the historic event.

“Kayoola is the first electric and first solar bus to be built in Africa. Which makes this bus different from the ordinary buses we have on the roads today. Production of this bus will create employment opportunities for thousands of Ugandans once operations commence on various routes.”



*The automobile industry is the main source of air pollution in Africa. According to a 2012 World Health Organization survey, air pollution causes an estimated 176,000 premature deaths annually in Africa.


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