How to Make at Blanket Ladder

By: Maisha Spight

blI cannot claim that I came up with the instructions on how to make this ladder, but I can provide you with instructions on how to take two old bed slats and make them into a functional, stylish, fun way to displays your comfy blankets.

What you need:

2 5 ½ inch 2×4’s

1 7/8 inch Round Dowel cut into four 17 inch pieces (Home Depot can do this for you)

1 Hack Saw (Only needed if you decide to cut the dowels into pieces yourself)


7/8 inch Wide Drill Bit

Paintable Wood Glue

8 Wood Screws

2 Cans of Wood Spray Paint (Your choice of color)

Tape Measure

Drop Cloth

120 Grit Sand Paper


  1. Sand the dowels and 2×4 until smooth.
  2. Measure and mark placement of dowels on both 2×4’s with the top rung being 12 inches from the top of the 2×4 and all others being 14 inches apart.
  3. Using the drill and bit, drill holes ½ the depth of your 2×4’s, do not drill holes through the entire piece of wood.
  4. Once all holes are drilled, placed a small amount of wood glue inside the holes right before you place dowels into hole. Take one wood screw and drill screw into dowels from the outer side of the 2×4.
  5. Continue until all dowels are glued and screwed into place
  6. Do steps 4 and 5 using the second 2×4.
  7. Remove any excess glue, then allow the glue to dry overnight.
  8. Take your ladder into a well ventilated area, protect your surfaces, and spray paint your ladder in nice even strokes.
  9. Based on the instructions on your spray paint can, after waiting the time allotted for your second coat proceed with putting on your final coat of spray paint.
  10. Let ladder dry completely before moving it into the house.

You should now have a fully functioning, stylish funky blanket ladder. You can put this anywhere in your home where you are trying to add some style to your storage.


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