Melonie’s Inspiring Story: From Being Homeless With Disability to Law Degree Holder with Honors

By Wazobia Staff

When Melonie Wright was young she was labeled as “special needs” by her teachers. Her parents were told that she would always need assistance in a learning environment. Therefore she was enrolled in Special Education in the beginning of her public school education. Being

Melonie went on to prove her teachers wrong by graduating with honors from high schools and college.

“I graduate from law school one month from today. It’s a big deal to me- I started my education in a special Ed classroom, where my teachers told my parents I would always need extra help. I went on to do very well in school on through graduating with highest honors in high school and college.”

During her last year in college Melonie went through several ups and downs. She survived an abusive relationship, became a single mom, and endured homelessness with her infant daughter. Through it all she persevered and still finished her bachelor’s degree.


“College was marked by a terrible relationship, incidents of domestic violence, homelessness, and pregnancy with my little girl. Law school had its struggles, with literally cents in my acct at times, paying my daughter’s medical bills…”

To read more of Melonie story visit her site at

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