Meet The Cameroonian Who Invented A Tablet That Takes Cardiac Reading

cardiopadThis year’s Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation by the UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering went to the Cameroonian inventor, Arthur Zang.

Zang created the Cardiopad, a tablet computer that takes cardiac readings. It allows health workers to give heart examinations that can be sent to a cardiologist via a mobile network and can be interpreted within 20 minutes.

In a country where there are just 50 cardiologists for a population of 20 million people, this machine will revolutionize how cardiac care is given in Cameroon.

The results from the examinations are distributed to hospitals and clinics in Cameroon free of charge, but patients can pay a yearly subscription of $29 (£20) to view their results.

After winning the £25,000 ($37,000) prize, Zang had this to say, “My uncle died from a stroke after I had already started working on the Cardiopad and this gave me extra motivation to see the project through to the end.”

The Cardiopad is already being sold in Gabon, India and Nepal.


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