Dayo Fasasi,

The Cameroonian Prime Minister Philemon Yang, has ordered urgent launch of the program to open up large agricultural and livestock production areas and tourist sites in the country.

Yang, disclosed this at the end of the session of the National Road Council over the week in Yaounde.  He ordered the Minister of Public Works Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, to immediately open all activities.

In a statement released from the office of the Prime Minister, all agricultural and tourist attraction site should be opened.

According to – traders said that the dilapidated state of rural roads is the main reason for the high cost of agricultural products in the main cities of the country, with the farmers having a lot of difficulties in sending their production to the cities.

Recalled that  in June 2015, the then-Minister of Public Works, Patrice Amba Salla, had pointed out the under-provision of the rural roads maintenance fund. “The budget allocated to the maintenance of rural and harvest track roads is approximately FCfa 10 billion for a network, whose inventory reveals that it has over 100,000 km of roads”, he revealed.

Based on the calculations of this former member of the Cameroonian government, this budget corresponds to an allocation of FCfa 60,000 per kilometer of road to be maintained, in a country where the cost price for the maintenance of one kilometer of unpaved road is estimated at FCfa 2 million.


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