Ambode Celebrates Birthday In Style, Calls For Public Private Partnership

Ambode 1On Tuesday June 14, 2016, Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode turned 53. He marked his birthday with a special luncheon to raise funds for the three Mobile Cancer Centers across the three Senatorial Districts in Lagos.

Ambode 2Ambode celebrated his birthday with the #GivingTuesday program. The event, which was founded by the United Nations to raise funds for major chronic diseases, was put together by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP-Nigeria).

Ambode, urged Nigerians to join together to fight cancer; he had this to say.

Lives are lost every day to cancer and this is unacceptable. This is why the Lagos State Government carries out public health programs focused on cancer. I believe that the government alone cannot solve every problem; everyone has a role to play. In my one year in office, I have come to realize that even with the best will in the world, Government cannot do everything. The real challenge before me as Governor of Lagos is how I unite public, private and philanthropic sectors in building our state. I am glad that through this private sector led initiative I can play a role in helping to advance the Big War Against Cancer for the well-being of not just the good people of Lagos State but Nigerians in general.”

We can only achieve this goal with the generous support of all people of goodwill. Without theseAmbode 3 donations, the goal would not be reached and the opportunity to save lives would be lost. This is not really a celebration but a call to service. Against all odds, against all the things happening to the economy in the country, against the numbers, against the anxieties and the panic, we are still able to stand up and gather ourselves together and say we want to give back to humanity. This is symbolic and key for me and I think we must commend ourselves that all hope is not lost. There is more value to us and humanity in championing this course.” 

See more pics from the event below:

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