5 Businesses to Start with Little or No Capital

Event Planner/Coordinator

Parties happen all the time. People host parties for weddings, birthdays, naming ceremonies, family reunions, open house, and burials. But job schedules often stand in the way of organizing a great event, which is where the services of event planner or coordinator is often needed. The demand for event planners is on the rise now and you do not need a lot to start. A good attitude with attention to details will surely help as you get your business on it way.

Cleaning Services

Many homes and businesses will rather prefer to outsource the cleaning of their homes and businesses to others so that they can focus on other important things. Offices and homes are not your only sources, some churches, mosques and schools patronize cleaning companies as well. When it comes to the supplies you need, start small or embrace leasing at the initial stage.

Event MC

Do you know how to make people laugh? Then this business is for you. Many individuals and corporate organizations require the services of master/mistress of ceremonies for their events; all it takes is public relations skills. A lot of people will leave parties earlier than schedule if the party is boring so the importance of a good master of ceremony can never be over emphasized.


Cooking delicious meals for commercial use is now a profitable business. Most people do not have time nor the space to cook for large parties, so they won’t mind contacting caterers to help with the cooking. It takes just a passion for cooking to start a catering business.

Sewing and Clothes Design

The demand for tailors and fashion designers has been on the increase so if you are good with sewing, you can make more money; especially if you know how to sew traditional clothes. The city where I live have very few designers and tailors, therefore those that are good in this areas will make money. A sewing machine is required in this line of business but trust me, you will make your money back sooner than you think.

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