Proud to Serve

Paramedic by trade, Bobby J. Hopewell is no stranger to service. He has been serving the City of Kalamazoo, MI since 1993 with the Northside Business Association. In 2003, he became the Kalamazoo City Commissioner, followed by Vice Mayor in 2005. Now he has the privilege of serving the City of Kalamazoo as their Mayor since 2007.

Mayor Hopewell was raised in Kalamazoo along with his four brothers by his single mom. A graduate of the Kalamazoo Public Schools he has always had a deep connection to his community.

“I always knew that I’d be part of this community because it served me.”

He is always eager to “shine a light” on the great things of his community; like the farmers market, summer employment programs for young people, and school program involvement.

Working with others to address the challenges of any metropolitan city, Mayor Hopewell is very proud of the work that is being accomplished. He is continually working to hire local individuals in the community as well as working with law enforcement officers to make the community safer.

We asked Mayor Hopewell what he would like to do once he feels his service to the community has ended, he had this to say, “I’ll be sitting in a rocking chair on my porch.

His last words in our interview where words of inspiration for the youth.

“Keep good people around you, find good mentors, be curious, and be willing to step forward. Think about the possible, because all things are.  We will make things better if we understand that we can use what makes us uncomfortable to make things better.”

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