Nigerian Student Delivers Commencement Speech @ An American University

By : Temitope Omotayo

“We all have a story but don’t  allow your story to hinder you from what God wants you to be.My time here has shown me how important it is to be involved”

These are the words of  Nigeria’s Kazeem Adekunle who beat all odds to become a  college graduate . He also delivered the commencement speech during the graduation ceremony.

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Why did you choose GGC?

My journey to GGC was not without its challenges. Coming to the United States from Nigeria as a teenager, my dream was to play college basketball. But I did not receive a single college scholarship offer, and college began to seem impossible. Then, my host family suggested I take a tour of GGC. That day I realized GGC was where I was meant to be.

What do you like most about GGC?

GGC has given me the skills to believe in myself and to encourage others. My time here has shown me how important it is to be involved. My wish is for GGC students to ask themselves, “What can I do for GGC?” not, “What can GGC do for me?”

What are your favorite campus activities?

I am the president of GGC’s African Voice student organization and a member of GGC’s Golden Key and Sigma Beta Delta honor societies.

What do you plan to do after graduating?

My goal is to use my GGC degree to find a career where I can give back to others. I am thankful for GGC, because it has taught me that education is a privilege, and so many more like me deserve a chance to receive it.

Credit goes  to Georgia Gwinnett College



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