9 Year Old writes A book On The Plight Of Farmers

By: Dayo Fasasi

A 9-year-old Nigerian author, Bisola Lucas who recently completed her elementary education at the Temitope Elementary School, was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Lucas in the ancient town of Ilesa South West Nigeria.

The only child of her parents, Lucas, has just released a book, titled “Farmers Agony”. The book which captured the pain a farmer undergoes, when his farm is been invaded by robbers and left with nothing to harvest.

In a phone conversation with Lukmon Fasasi, for Wazobia Global Times USA, Lucas, said her elementary school teacher inspired her to write the book.

One of my teachers once told us in class that some of our mates are doing great things in life and they are successful, while we are acting like we are not interested in success. Those words actually made me cry and think of writing a book because I love to write. But I have lived with my grandparents for over 6 years. My grandpa is a farmer and I have felt his agony and struggles.”

“When I decided to write, the first problem I had is what to write about, so I decided to write about farmers because I would like to become an Agriculturists when I grow up. I have seen my grandpa suffer and cry when his farm produce was carted away by thieves” she said.

When asked about her vision for the book, Lucas said, “I want people to read my stories and find answers to different questions bordering their minds and solutions to their problems.”

“I was able to write the book myself but someone helped me in editing it. I thank God for making me write the book and I thank Mr. Olatunde Busayo and the Association of Nigerian authors of the Obafemi Awolowo University for their support throughout the production of this book.”

Lucas, who is set to celebrate her 10th birthday in October, also gave credit to her family.

“I thank my grandma for her support. She likes what I am doing and she encourages me. My Daddy is out of the country for business and my Mummy is a Geology student at the Polytechnics of Ibadan. I thank them for their support too.”

In an ending note, Lucas, encourages her peers to stay focused and follow their dreams.



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