Uber Starts Operation In Ghana

By: Wazobia Staff

In 2009, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp founded Uber Cab. Now known simply as Uber the company began expanding internationally in 2012.

When Uber began operating in South Africa in 2013 they set out to expand to other African countries. Recently adding Ghana to their list of African countries in which they service, becoming the fifth.


The capital city of Accra, Ghana was targeted due to their population of more than 4 million people. As well as the 100% mobile phone penetration.

Alon Lits, Uber’s GM for sub-Saharan Africa expressed Accra natural fit, “its people are willing to embrace innovation and technology. While loving products that are cool, exclusive, and offer a new experience.”

In 2014 they were named the 48th-most powerful company in America. With an estimated net worth of $62.5 billion in 2015. Uber’s concept of summoning cars using a simple to use smartphone app has taken off in 467 cities worldwide and growing, with plans to expand into Tanzania in the near future.


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