A Great Start for Hillary Clinton

By: Temi Omotayo


The first Presidential debate which took place on Monday night provided the two leading  Presidential aspirants the  opportunity to share their view on different issues .

The debate was moderated by Lester Holt , the multiple award -winning Journalist, and the  anchor  of NBC Nightly News. It was the first of the three presidential debates  before the  Presidentaill Elections on November 8.

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s flag bearer gave a very good account of herself  by maintaining her arguments with facts  which made her  list many indictments against Donald Trump . It was very obvious that she came prepared for the debate.

Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s flag bearer  on the other hand , was out of control , he dominated the debate by talking loud but saying little .

The next  Presidential debate holds on October 9 , this creates another opportunity for the two leading Presidential flag bearers to improve on their performances at the first debate.image-hillary


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