Wazobia Global Network Embarks on Voters Awareness Campaign in United States of America

By: Wazobia  Staff


Wazobia Global Network  , the publisher of Wazobia Global Times newspaper has embarked on orientation program aimed at  reminding  the  members  of the immigrant community on the need to register so that they can participate   actively in the United States Presidential election which holds on Tuesday November 8, 2016 .

According to  Temitope Omotayo, the Co Founder of Wazobia Global Network ,” the whole world is  bracing up for change, and the immigrant community  in the United States of America can not be left behind ,so i urge  all immigrants who are   citizens of United States of America , eighteen years and above  who are  residents of the city where they would like to vote to please go and register so that they can be part of the electioneering process”

He is of the belief that the immigrant community should rise up to this  call and make their votes count.Voters registration ends on  Tuesday , October 11, 2016 , those who wish to register should go to the  Secretary of State office nearest  to them  on or before  Tuesday ,October 11, 2016.


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