Hillary Clinton Dazzles At Debate

By: Wazobia Staff


he two presidential candidates met for the third and last time tonight ahead of the Presidential election which holds on Tuesday, November 8 .

The debate which started at 9pm Eastern time at University of Las Vegas was moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox News.  the debate  kicked up with questions on the Candidates’ views about Supreme Court , Immigration  , and economy .

Donald Trump believed that Hillary Clinton supported open boarder for immigrants  but Hillary responded that she does not want an open boarder, however  violent offenders  will be deported .

Donald Trump said he will wait till after the election  on November 8, before he  can say whether he will accept the outcome of the election or not.

As expected, both candidates had  different views on abortion  and Supreme court.Clinton was of the belief that women should not be punished for abortion  but Donald  Trump thought otherwise.

Donald Trump tried to dominate the debate like he did in the previous  debates , but Hillary Clinton was able to pass her message across calmly.

Donald Trump however  maintained that he will do more for African Americans compared as President of United State compared  with Hillary Clinton.



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