A Feeling of A Proud African

By Iradukunda Dunia Sardou

One day will the sun rise

And our Africa will stand brilliantly

Let’s wake up from our long sleep

I have a feeling that the morning will be better than yesterday

Let us all fight for our future

We need it more than ever guys

If you are a proud African

Rise up and show to our governments that we are the ones that lead not them

Unity is a very strong asset if we want to win together

United we stand, divided we fall

Let us forget what divides us

Let’s put aside our differences and fight together

We will become more united than ever

Let us live our motto,

Today is Justice, peace and work,

Yesterday it was Unity, work and progress

And deep inside me, I think we need the old one before moving to the new motto

We need unity among our people,

We need to work together

And our continent will move forward

From deep in the forests,

From the bush to the ocean shore

From North to South, East to West

We have one aim as a nation

And that objective is to rise

Show to the world that we can work together

Have one soul

And make our nation progress

We need to be proud of who we are

Proud of the legacy of our past leaders

Proud of our Ancestors

For them all,

Let us all fight for one another

Let’s fight for our old continent that needs to wake up and shine

If we have to die, let’s die together

Is it really important?

Let’s fight for our children

So they will one day see that we fought for their sake

That we succeeded in those battles for all of them

Even in the deepest part of our forests

Let’s rise and shine

The time has come to wake up, rise and shine


Sardou is from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is majoring in Finance and Commercial Law at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo.


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