Wazobia Goes to London: Diaspora Youth Roundtable

Wazobia Global Network, Publishers of Wazobia Global Times newspaper in collaboration with African Development & Advocacy Center UK, Goldsmith University NSS & Nigerian Students Union UK organized the Diaspora Youth Roundtable. This event brought together students and youth leaders in United Kingdom with the theme, Diaspora Youths as Change Catalysts.

Some of the dignitaries at the roundtable were Mr. Babatunde Loye, Chairman of CANUK, Chief Kate Anolue, Former Mayor of Enfield, Dr. Alistair Soyode, Founder of BEN TV, Dr. Dayo Olomu, Founder of Dayo Olomu Foundation, Pastor Mattew Ashimolowo who was ably represented; just to mention a few.

The roundtable provided a forum where various issues facing the youth were discussed and recommendations made. The motivational book for the youth “Unleashing Your Talent: Success Secrets of Highly Talented People,” published by Wazobia Global Network was also presented to the public at the roundtable.

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