My Wilderness Gave Birth to My Ministry Says Amara Van-Lare

By: TJ  Omotayo



Amara Van-Lare is a wife and a mother of four teenagers, author and Certified International Protocol and Etiquette Consultant, a newspaper columnist, public speaker, and relationship coach who has served people from different parts of the world. Amara Van-Lare, nee Nwosu, has three books to her credit: A Raging River, Men’s Grooming, and Women’s Grooming. A committed advocate of women and youth due to past experiences, she is the founder of Dorcas Generation Initiative, a non-profit organization for the emancipation of widows and less-privileged women in Africa.

A relationship blogger with the passion to heal hurting hearts, Amara dedicates time daily to attend to relationship issues bothering her fans from all over the world.

When asked what motivated her choice of career, she says, “My wilderness gave birth to my ministry. I discovered purpose and found passion in my pain.” Through her ministration and writings, God has used her to heal homes and lives, so she is of the belief that all Glory belongs to God

. When asked what challenges she faced while pursuing her dreams she said, “I faced rejection by those I wanted to help; they felt I was not qualified to do so because I was divorced. But I thank God for those who are deep spiritually to see why I had to go through what I went through. They allowed me to minister to the married even when I was a single mother. I went through all sorts of bashing, especially by fellow women who mocked my pain. I was just a laughing stock for them, and they did everything humanly possible to stop me, but Heaven said no. You know when the hand of God is strong upon your life, all Hell will be let loose. They saw what Joseph couldn’t see about himself and so they did everything possible to stop him. But the assurance is that if you are God’s seed and He is interested in you, nobody can stop you. I am unstoppable. I don’t know where next God wants to take me. I follow Him one day at a time. I trust Him to lead the way because I am safe in His hands. So for me, it’s all ‘yes Lord’.”

My secrets of success? “Close relationship with the Holy Spirit, I choose my friends and they are older and wiser than I am. I find it difficult flowing with my age mates because what interests them does not interest me. I kept my eyes on the goal and have refused to be distracted by frivolities. If I am not passionate about that thing, I won’t do it no matter how much is involved. This is what drives me.”

She offered this as her advice for the youth: “Stay closely connected to God; discover purpose in your pain; keep your eyes on the goal; reduce time spent partying, gossiping, and clubbing; reassess your relationships; depend completely on God’s grace and refuse to do it the way of the world. You shall be announced in God’s own time. Even if it tarries, wait for it.” Join over 170,000 subscribers to her blog at and visit her organization’s site at

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2 thoughts on “My Wilderness Gave Birth to My Ministry Says Amara Van-Lare

  1. Instead of allowing her wilderness to break her, she chose to break records through her wilderness/pain,showing us what close relationship with God/holyspirit can do #WhataWoman#…Aunty Amy, you are a source of inspiration to many of us and I can rightly say that God is not done with you yet, keep being good at what you do and thanks for the advice #keeptouchinglivesandkeepliving#


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