East Meets West In UWASA’s “TRACES 2017”

By Wazobia Staff

32824081466_66d1a641c6Since 2011, the Executives and members of the University of Waterloo African Students Association (UWASA) have been putting on a dynamic performance appropriately named TRACES.  Every performance seeks to provoke the mind and this year was no exception.

In the past, the event focused on varies regions in Africa. For this year “TRACES 2017: Zemawa” they were inspired to do an “East meets West” type of theme. Showing through acting, dancing and music what a family dynamic would look like if it was made up of Eastern and Western Africans.

“Issues such as cultural identify, bareness, and physical abuse are all addressed within the play. The central theme surrounding Zemawa (meaning “Her Melody” in Amharic, an Ethiopian language) is how cultural differences affect the way the varying issues are addressed.” Stated Priscilla Larbi, President of UWASA.

A full video of this year’s play is available on You Tube .

To see more photos of TRACES 2017 and past shows click here.


Deborah Okaka (deborahokaka.com)

Keturah Beney

Zik Inc (zikinc.org)

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