Connecting Businesses with Global Opportunities

After hearing about the first class service and information surrounding the 5th Annual Michigan Global Business Conference WGT wanted to learn more about the organizers, Global Business Development Firm.

We talked to their President, Dr. Sherri Henderson, to find out more about this company and the woman behind its success.


WGT: Please tell us about your background.

Dr. H: I am a native Detroiter and the president of the Global Business Development Firm. I’ve worked in Global Business Development for over 20 years as a consultant and an UN Ambassador. Our primary focus is to assist companies with different local, national and International opportunities. I have traveled to several countries including Tanzania, South Africa, Mozambique, Peru, Chile, Mexico and Russia.


WGT: What services do you supply to clients?

Dr. H: Our services include strategic planning, executive training, marketing management, franchise development and Export/Import assistance.

“We are a Land Bridge connecting Businesses with Global Opportunities.”


WGT: What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Dr. H: I’m am most proud of our dynamic consultant team. We are currently operating out of Lansing, Detroit, Atlanta and Washington DC and we are serving clients all across the United States and internationally.

Most recently, we held our 5th Annual MI Global Business conference where business from across the state learned about the resources necessary to compete in a global market.


WGT: What challenges do you help business overcome?

Dr. H: Some of the challenges in this industries is making sure businesses have the capital and resources to prepare for growth and expansion.  Growth and expansion may include everything from hiring new staff, establishing a new location or exporting.  We create strategic partnerships with organizations and government agencies to assist participates their business development.


WGT: Is there any upcoming events you would like business owners to look out for?

Dr. H: I am the chair of the MI Trade Summit and our annual summit is scheduled for May 23rd in Detroit, MI.

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