Propelled to Succeed

Minority groups in the USA can boast of abundant human resources in different areas of human endeavors. Young people are not left out of these strides. Many of them are studying in many institutions across the country, making their families proud.

One such young man is, Chimezie Ebiriekwe, a third-year Business Marketing Major at San Diego State University (SDSU).  A graduate of Crenshaw High School, in 2014 Ebiriekwe entered SDSU. When he first arrived, he had challenges balancing school, work, and extracurricular activities. In order to deal with these challenges, he ensures that he completes all his assignments ahead of time and reads before class to reduce the effects of his course load.

chi youthNow that he has his course work under control, he set out to impact the students around him. Currently he holds the position of Vice President of University Affairs, as well as Chief Academic Officer. According to Ebiriekwe, his major accomplishment thus far has been bringing the first ever food pantry to SDSU.

Recently with 3,454 votes, he beat out three other contestants to become Student Body President. He intends to use his new position to allow underrepresented communities to feel like they have a voice. Inspiring them to be influential student leaders on and off campus; taking the next steps that propels them to success.

When asked what his projections are for his future he says, “I see myself graduating from law school, then working for either a sports agency or for a national sports team in either the NBA or NFL. I also plan on seeking opportunities within the real estate market.

Ebiriekwe credits his parents work ethic as his secret to success. “Seeing them work hard and ensure that my siblings and I had a positive upbringing. This taught me that you get the most out of life when you work hard for what you want.” The motto he lives by is “Become comfortable with the uncomfortable and allow yourself to grow.”

He has this to say to other youth, “If you have goals in life do not be scared to work towards them, and to be open to change because our goals and aspirations change as we mature. Try to better yourself each and every day, because no one else can do it except for you.”

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