THE BRIGHT SIDE: Overcoming Disappointment

By Bamidele Abiodun

bright-side-dayIt happens to us all. At one time or another, we are enthusiastic and hopeful about something—either on the horizon or already in our lives.

And then BOOM!

We find out that we won’t get that job or promotion. We learn that the relationship we desired or had is now a bust. We realize that we’ve invested a lot of time, energy and maybe even money towards an endeavor that isn’t coming to fruition. Or worse, we experience tragedy and are left to figure out what to do with the broken pieces. It goes on and on.

So what happens now?

Although we have suffered disappointment, devastation, or perhaps even disempowerment, the truth is that as long as there is breath in us there is hope. Life must eventually go on. No one is saying just “suck it up” and get over the letdown right away. However, if we are able to gain clarity about the situation and find peace, then moving on becomes easier. Here are a few ways to do just that.


Step back and adjust our focus.

After a big blow, it’s time for a little pause. Without overanalyzing and dwelling too much on the past, it’s good to take an honest look at the situation to clearly see the big picture. Here we can assess whether our expectations were realistic or in our best interest. We can also look at what we really had to gain or lose had the disappointment not occurred. Lastly, we can know where we stand now. We now have the opportunity to sharpen our perspective before taking our next steps.



Try again. There are many instances in which disappointment is not the end of the matter, but instead is just a little (or big) bump in the road. If, after assessing the situation, we decide that cutting our losses is a bad idea and that it’s worth it to keep pushing, then by all means we shouldn’t give up. After all, we can fall down seven times but stand on the eighth.


Accept what is.

If our situation, opportunity, or desire turns out to be gone or soured for good with no coming back, we have to face reality. In life we are not always going to have everything go our way, and disappointment will inevitably happen sometimes. On the bright side, acceptance frees us to close the door on a dead-end chapter and open a new one.


Learn the lesson.

Many of life’s most powerful lessons come with pain. Yet, on the bright side, they can also be blessings in disguise for which we can be grateful. We can reflect and grow, or turn our wounds into wisdom.


In conclusion, focusing on the bright side can help us to overcome disappointment and move on with our lives. It requires a shift in mindset, focus, and inspiration. For most people, this doesn’t happen overnight, but it CAN happen. Yesterday is gone, along with what happened or didn’t happen. However, we still have something new to look forward to today

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