Something Big Is Coming

You spoke and we listened.

There are a lot of different things in the works here at Wazobia. We are so excited about the changes we have in store for you.

Later this year we will be launching our new magazine.  WGT Magazine is our way of bringing more of the stories and features you love. How business owners made their mark on the world. Photo spreads of prominent events.  In-depth interviews and much, much more.

As well as the new and improved that will be launching on May 1st. With the same strong media presence you have come to know with Wazobia Global Times Newspaper we bring to you a more interactive website.

We want to hear your feedback about the new look of the website. We also want to know if you are interested in more stories about one subject over the other.

The most important thing to us at Wazobia is serving you with excellence. We are her to uplift your lives by reminding you that you are great and wonderful things are happening around you every day. Use the information we provide to equip yourself to be business savvy. When you’re ready to give up, be inspired by those that wouldn’t quit. Explore new places, while learning ways to relax.  

This is what the Wazobia brand stands for and every day we strive to exceed your expectations.


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