6 Questions to Save Valuable Time When Dating

datingWhen you first start dating someone they seem like the best person in the world. At this point you both are on your best behavior. This person is new, exciting, desirable, and attractive; right now it seems that this person has no flaws. This leads to the thoughts that this person is made for you.

Then something happens that reveals another side of this perfect person. You start to think that maybe this person might not be for you. Do you want to spend months dating someone just to find out that you’re not compatible?

If you ask yourself these six questions you may be able to save yourself some times.


  1. Do you agree on the big issues?

You don’t have to be walking copies of each other and you shouldn’t have the same opinion and taste on everything, but on things like religion, children, and general life goals, you have to agree. Now don’t cover all these issues on the first date, but you should talk about them in the early stages of dating.

  1. Do you feel strong chemistry?

For some people as soon as they meet it’s like the fourth of July; for most of us it’s not like that. With that said you should at least feel like a sparkler when you are around your potential life mate.

  1. Do you share similar interests?

You don’t have to want to do everything together, but you should have to something that you like to do together. You may not want to go to the basketball game, but you should be able to go to a movie, car show or museum without boring each other to death.

  1. Does your friends and family like her/him, and vice versa?

Now this is a big one, if your family and friends don’t like the person your dating then you should stop right now. People looking at a person from outside of the relationship have an unbiased point of view; they may see something you don’t.

  1. Do you find yourself factoring him/her into your future?

After dating for a while, you start making plans for the future that include them, they might be the one. Chances are you don’t consider the other person unless you see a long term future with them.

  1. Do you look for ways to spend most of your time with him/her and you don’t want them to leave?

You are having the best date ever, you know that you have to be at work tomorrow, but you just can’t say goodbye. Eventually, you do have to say goodbye, so you start making plans for your next date. It’s a safe bet that you really like this person. Now if the opposite is true, run as fast as you can the other direction.

There is no guaranteed formula for the best relationship, we just have to take several things into consideration and hope for the best. If the answers to these questions make you ask more questions, they may not be the one. If you are checking all the boxes you might be onto something. Good Luck!


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