What is Your Type?

In our previous post, It’s All About Talent, we pointed out that everyone has at least one thing in which they excel. For some it is a little harder for them to identify what area that may be. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of 13 skills that are needed in various professions to help guide you.

  • Creative


There are MANY types of creative people, those who have natural skills in various forms of expression. You have some people who are intellectually creative, others who are more into aesthetic pursuits such as the arts, and still yet others who are talented in other creative areas that require the use of innovative conceptualization and skill.

In this category you can have countless people who are into drawing, painting, graphic design, website design, fashion design, arts and crafts, interior/exterior design, architecture, construction, landscaping, jewelry making, acting, dancing/choreography, and writing, just to name a few.

Creative people are needed in almost every industry that there is globally. It’s not just for art or entertainment fields alone. Creative people are hired every day to work in organizations like schools, religious institutions, community centers, public and private corporations.

  • Rhetoric/Communication


This entails eloquence, good command of language, organized thinking, and a good understanding of the ways in which people process information. Someone talented in rhetoric/communication will thrive in the following fields: teaching, motivational or public speaking, negotiating, arbitrating, tour guidance, politics, customer service, public relations, community organizing, sales, and marketing.

  • Leadership


Leadership talent entails the art of managing, directing, inspiring, and influencing people to carry out tasks. The fact that one is the head of an organization does not necessarily mean that he or she is a leader; it is just that he or she may be just a boss or a supervisor. Unlike a boss or supervisor who is charged with overseeing the work of others, a person who has true leadership talent can bring out the best in people and motivate others to follow his or her example and vision.

Good leaders are also talented at tapping into other people’s talents and guiding them to utilize them. If you are endowed with the talent of leadership you can serve in virtually all organizations, particularly service-oriented organizations, corporations, profit and non-profit organizations (NGOs), religious institutions, civil service, and many more.

  • Technical


People with technical talents are good with getting things to run and operate properly and in a certain way. They may be good with tools, assembling and dismantling mechanical and electrical parts, or understanding the ins and outs of technical devices. People who are blessed with technical minded talents thrive in careers like engineering, information technology, and many other fields.

  • Athletics


People with athletic talents are good in sports and other recreational activities. Physical fitness, physical endurance, coordination, movement, speed, and (depending on the sport) the ability to work on a team with others are critical talents in athletics.

Another thing to note is that even the simple knowledge of athletics can be a talent and transformed into a career. People who are very knowledgeable about sports can be professional athletes as well as sports writers, commentators, referees, coaches, trainers, and consultants.

  • Analytical


This talent entails discovering or providing solutions to scientific, medical, social problems, or research. People with this talent can be more productive in academic, human- and research-oriented careers. They can become scientists like physicists, biologists, chemists, microbiologists, biochemists, psychologists, sociologists, and quality control specialists.

  • Teaching


This is the act of imparting knowledge in people. Not everybody can teach, and the fact that you know something does not mean you can teach others and they will understand. If you are talented in explaining subject matter in a way that others can understand well, you will be productive in careers like training, tutoring, lecturing, and service oriented careers that have instructional aspects.

  • Structural


If you realize that you are structured, organized, detailed, and purpose-driven in all you do then you can use your talent in careers like human resource management and administration, event planning, project management, protocol, logistics, secretarial or office administration, and other related professions. Being structured or organized is a talent because a lot of people are not structured or organized at all. People with structural talent place more emphasis on details and planning with a view to achieving set goals and objectives. For instance, an event planner helps people to plan their events and get all the logistics that will make the event a huge success.

  • Social/Interpersonal


If you like making and keeping friends with ease, entertaining people, or relating to people very well then you have social/interpersonal talent. People with this talent are really good at conversing with people one-on-one as well as in groups. They are the live wire of any gathering they find themselves in, and they find it easy to mingle and network. If you have this talent you will thrive in careers like customer support, interviewing, sales, marketing, public relations, show business, and many more.

  • Humanitarian


This talent entails strong compassion, helping or assisting people in need or distress, and providing advice or guidance for them. People with this talent will be more productive in fields like nursing, medicine, social care and welfare, guidance and counseling, psychology, relief efforts, charity work, philanthropy, and advocacy.

  • Hospitality


People with this talent have passion for taking care of others and are generally friendly. They also provide entertainment too. People with this talent will thrive as hotel workers, culinary workers, concierges, flight attendants, hosts/hostesses, ticketing and reservation personnel, and tour guides, just to mention a few.

  • Scholarly


These are highly intelligent people who excel in academics or some areas that utilize intellect, logic, or some mental gift. Some scholars are even geniuses in their chosen fields or careers. If you are extremely brilliant, you might decide to pursue advanced degrees such as a PhD, become a consultant in your field of interest, or attain some position in which you teach. You also can pursue other intellect-driven professions that give you the opportunity to acquire and share knowledge.

  • Investigative


People with investigative talent always look for solutions to issues and puzzles. They also strive to uncover hidden information with a view to knowing the truth. For instance, something is missing in the house and everybody has been looking for it. The investigative person keeps quiet while the search is going on, then he or she makes a suggestion that often helps in the recovery of the lost item. People with this type of talent will be helpful in solving crimes and they succeed in careers that require logical reasoning like police, law, military, and paramilitary professions.


There are so many types of talents, many of which are not mentioned here. However, the list we have provided is a good starting point to get you to begin thinking about ways to recognize the talents that you already have inside of you with a view to becoming great in life.

What hidden talents have you uncovered after reading this list?

We continue our series next week with how to nurture your talent, once you have pin pointed what it is.


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