13 African Cities Listed as the Most Visited Around the World

Every year Master Card comes out with a list of most visited cities in the world and this year is no exception. According to the 2016 Master Card Global Destinations Cities Index, thirteen African Cities have made the list.

This index not only ranks the most visited cities, it also projects visitor volume and estimated amount of money (in US dollars) that will be spent in a calendar year. This allows for a better understanding of where people travel and spend their money around the world.

  1. Beira, MozambiqueBeira, Mozambique

Estimated Visitors 9,725

Expenditure $1 Million

  1. Maputo, MozambiqueMaputo, Mozambique

Estimated Visitors 199,928

Expenditure $22 Million

  1. Tunis, TunisiaTunis, Tunisia

Estimated Visitors 279,934

Expenditure $82 Million

  1. Nairobi, KenyaNairobi

Estimated Visitors 323,859

Expenditure $187 Million

  1. Dakar, Senegaldakar

Estimated Visitors 590,478

Expenditure $330 Million

  1. Kampala, Ugandakampala

Estimated Visitors 616,700

Expenditure $419 Million

  1. Lagos, Nigerialagos-city-nigeria

Estimated Visitors 711,209

Expenditure $163 Million

  1. Accra, GhanaAccra-1

Estimated Visitors 761,872

Expenditure $531 Million

  1. Durban, South AfricaDurbanSouthAfrica

Estimated Visitors 831,051

Expenditure $288 Million

  1. Casablanca, Moroccocasablanca

Estimated Visitors 1.05 Million

Expenditure $619 Million

  1. Cape Town, South AfricaCape-Town-South-Africa

Estimated Visitors 1.37 Million

Expenditure $1 Billion

  1. Cairo, EgyptCairo, Egypt

Estimated Visitors 1.55 Million

Expenditure $1.08 Billion

  1. Johannesburg, South AfricaJOHANNESBURG

Estimated Visitors 3.60 Million

Expenditure $1.73 Billion

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