Stop Doing This One Thing to be Successful

It’s Sunday morning, I’m just getting started and this article is due to post on Monday morning. As I sit here looking at the cursor blink on a blank screen a question comes to mind.

“What are the road blocks to being successful?”

Pondering this question, a few things came up, but only one thing had any significance. It’s not money. It’s not time. Let me give you a hint.

We all do it in some form; some more than others. I did it myself in the process of writing this article.

It’s called procrastination – the action of delaying or postponing something.

The reason why you’ll never be successful, is because you procrastinate.

– Eric Thomas

Procrastination is a dream killer. You don’t want to look up ten years from now and realize that you are older, but no closer than you were to your dreams. The reason most people procrastinate is due to the task in front of them being bigger then they imagined. The end result is so far off that it seems impossible to accomplish. No one said it would be easy. No one said that you wouldn’t want to give up; that’s the reason you compiled that list of why’s first.

You know what steps you need to take in order to move your business forward. Now this is the most important step, implementation. The plan that you wrote down on paper has to come alive to you. It’s time to put foot to pavement and go after what it is you said you wanted.

This article is not a five steps to learn how not to procrastinate or a seven things successful people do in the morning. I am writing this to encourage you to keep pushing, to keep moving, to keep getting up day after day to make your dream of success come true; whatever that looks like to you.

Tomorrow is a fleeting existence that never comes. You only have today, this moment. Whatever you have on your list to do, start it right now. You may find that success is closer then you think.



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