Nurturing Your Talent

Continuing with our third instalment regarding finding your talent, we move on to a critical point in the journey of being happy and successful.

Once you have identified your talent, it is very important that you nurture it. In order to do that, you must involve yourself in activities that can strengthen and grow your talent.

The following steps will help you to take your new found talent to the next level.

Pursue education

Education is a critical component to nurturing your talents. We are all blessed with a talent, but learning and training help us to strengthen them and even incorporate skills that others can share with us. Education can be in the form of higher education, post-graduate education, training institutes, seminars, workshops, conferences, and retreats. Education provides you the opportunity to acquire more knowledge, enhance, and add more value to what you have.

Practice constantly

“Practice makes perfect!” A football player has to attend practice sessions with his team to play at the optimal level. Just as a musician has to undergo a series of rehearsals in preparation for a performance. The more you do something, the better you get at it and the more you can do it with precision. A student who studies regularly is more likely to pass his or her exams.

Seek mentorship

There are so many people who have excelled in your talent area. Why not move closer to them with a view to learn, grow, and be accountable to someone that has been where you’re trying to go. They would offer advice that would help you maximize the use of your talent. Universities and professional organizations are good places to seek mentors.

Associate with others wisely

No one is an island of knowledge, so surround yourself or move with other people who have similar talent so that you can have a symbiotic relationship with them. This enhances the exchange of ideas.

Prioritize your time and events

Always give priority to anything that makes you develop your talent, especially when you are making decisions. You can grade your activities in order of preference; this makes you determine what is more important to you than others at a particular point in time.

Be passionate about your talent

Talent is like a car and passion is the driver. Without a driver, the car can’t move; in the same way, without passion you cannot develop your talent. Don’t allow people’s opinion to stop you from unleashing your talent. Once you know your talent, go for it at top speed.

In what way are you nurturing your talent? Do you have any suggestions that we can add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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