A New Dawn for African Community in United Kingdom

The General Elections in Britain took place on Thursday 8, 2017. Six hundred and fifty (650) seats were contested for in the election. Conservative party won three hundred and eighteen (318) seats, Labor Party won two hundred and sixty two (262) seats  while the remaining seventy (70) seats were taken by other political parties.

Seven (7) Africans of  Nigerian descent won seats in the recently concluded election. The names and the constituencies they will be representing are listed below. Three are new while the remaining four are returnees.

The new Members of the Parliament are ;

1.Fiona Onasanya is MP for Peterborough.
2.Abim Afolami MP for Hitchen.
3.Kemi Badenoch is MP for Saffron Walden.

The returnees are;
4.Kate Osamor will still be representing Edmonton.
5.Chi Onwurah will still be the MP for Newcastle Central.
6.Chuka Umunnah will still be representing Streatham.
7.Helen Grant – Maidstone & The Weald

It is a new dawn for African community in United Kingdom.

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