Honesty is the Best Policy: 19 Year Old’s Heroic Act


You’re walking down the street on your way home and find a purse filled with money. What do you do? Turn it in. This unlikely scenario is just what happened to 19-year-old Samson Omolabake on May 16, 2017.

According to Pastor Agbesanwa Felix Oluwaseun of Asuss Press Unit, on a busy road in Isale Oko on route home from the Muslim High School Senior Secondary School 2 (Art) Omolabake spotted a bag on the side of the road. When she picked it up she found cash and an ATM card inside. Upon examination of the ATM card she realized it was from First City Monument Bank (FCMB) and immediately went to the branch for assistance.

Upon arrival, she explained to the bank management what she found and asked if they could help her find the owner of the purse. When the bank contacted the owner, Mrs. Awofeso, she was surprised to hear what happened and rushed to the bank. After checking the contents Awofeso confirmed that everything was intact; 18,000 Naira and all of her documents and cards



This has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the younger generation has all it takes to pioneer change in our communities.

We know that some may not have been as honest as Omolabake, therefore this heroic act should be celebrated. If you would like to appreciate Miss Samson Omolabake please contact Pastor Agbesanwa Oluwaseun at +2348034338459  or +2347080600362 or via email at sagbef@gmail.com.

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