High Demand Careers for Today

As a millennial you probably learned how to use Facebook right beside your ABC’s. You know the ins and outs of social media better than any other generation which is a great advantage for you. Social media permeates every area of our lives. With that being the case careers in social media oriented fields have popped up in order to keep pace with the demand.

If you are savvy with social media, here a few jobs that you may want to consider.

  1. Social Media Community Manager

Average Annual Salary: $31,500

Have you ever wondered who started that 1,000 plus comment thread? Well as a social media community manager, that would be you. This job will have you interacting directly with your company’s social world. You keep people talking about your company’s brand. In essence, you are your company’s mouthpiece on social media.


  1. Social Media Coordinator

Average Annual Salary: $37,865

As a social media coordinator you have the most important job of all. It doesn’t matter what strategy was put into place if no one sees it. Your responsibility if to make sure that the post go live in a timely manner. Your social skills will come into play daily as you speak to multiple department to make sure the message is relayed properly for each campaign.


  1. Social Media Specialist

Average Annual Salary: $38,100

Some people don’t want the pressure of being the one in charge, but they are still really good at knowing what direction a company or client should go in order to build a proper social media platform. As a social media specialist, you will have to spend a lot of time on social media in order to determine what is best for your client, but that is the best part about this job.


  1. Social Media Planners

Average Annual Salary: $45,000

For some it may seem odd, but even social media needs help with marketing. Those sponsored ads don’t create themselves. It takes a person with an ability to develop the correct form of advertising that will make people appeal to your brand.


  1. Social Media Analyst

Average Annual Salary: $45,720

This is where statistics meets social media. In order to figure out if a campaign is beneficial the various numbers have to be analyzed. Because social media is fluid the numbers are always changing. What was popular last week may not be popular today, so you will have to pay close attention.


  1. Social Media Manager

Average Annual Salary: $46,169

The Social Media Manager is the one in charge. With this role, you are responsible for every area of a social media campaign. If you work for a small business you will be the one to come up with a strategy and then implement that plan. At a larger organization you will have people working for you that will do the grunt work.

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