How to Build an Email List for Your Business

Let’s not reinvent the wheel. If you are trying to do something in business, someone has already done it. The good thing for you is that they figured out what worked or didn’t work and you can learn from their mistakes.


In our quest to build our email list I came across a story on how to do just that. The process is pretty simple and it made perfect since.


1.       Create a list of at least 10 people you know that would benefit from what you have to offer.


2.       Email the people on your list asking them about their frustrations with or learning about the product you offer. As well as where do they go in order to learn more about similar products.


These first two steps will allow you to know what your customers are looking for and where they are going to get that information. That way you can tailor your marketing around their needs. Here’s your next step.


3.       Give away something of value. Now that you know your core customers needs, create a free e-book or course that will alleviate that frustration. By offer something free that is of value to your customers you build trust and you start to brand yourself as an authority.


With these three simple steps, you are on your way to building a dynamic email list. One that you can build a connection with. One that will look forward to buying your product and tell other people about how your product worked for them.


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