Making Money While Living Your Passion

When I walk into an event, the creative side of me looks at the décor with excitement. The exquisite center pieces and the colors that complement each other so well make me appreciate the attention to detail. Then the business side of me remembers how much work must have went into making this event perfect.

We all know that great events don’t come together on their own. You may be a person that loves to plan a themed get together for your friends. Or maybe you are the one that everyone comes to when it’s time to throw a baby shower. If you have ever went to a party and thought how you could have made it better, then you might be an event planner at heart.

Tresia MuhammadSo where do you start? We sat down with the owner of Star Studded Events and Wedding Planning, Tresia Muhammad, to find out what does it take to run a successful event manager company.

Wazobia Global Times: What does it entail to be an event manager?

Tresia Muhammad: As an event planner, we help individuals obtain all the essentials for that particular event. There are the little things that people forget in the excitement of planning an event; that is where the importance of a planner is really noticed. Take a wedding for instance. You have to think of venues, photographers, florist, attire, decorations, and music; either a live band or DJ. This list is the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more that has to be taken into consideration.

WGT: What motivated you to start your event management company?

TM: It was my desire to see people happy that made me go into this business. I have always been the go to person in my family when it came to event planning. One day a thought came to my head, “Why not turn this into a business, you love it anyway?” The rest is history and Star Studded Events was born.

WGT: What has been your major accomplishments in your business?

TM: There are been so many, but I guess I would have to say being able to support other minority owned business like myself. It’s rewarding to be able to recommend a quality vender and watch them serve with integrity.

WGT: What are the challenges you have faced in your business?

TM: My biggest challenge is marketing. Like any other business you have do something do to make yourself stand out from the rest. What I have found is that if you do a good job for one client then they will recommend two.

WGT: What are your aspirations for your business?

TM: I want to be well known for what I do. To me success means quality over quantity.

WGT: What would you say are your secrets of success?

TM: I never give up, no matter what, I keep going. Then I am always truthful with my clients. If it is something that will be too over the top or expensive I let them know.

WGT: If someone wanted to start an event management company, what are the things that they need to consider?

TM: Time. This business will take a lot of your time. So bring your passion, desire, sacrifice and patience.

WGT: How can you be contacted?

TM: I can be contacted via phone at 313-300-8282 or email at You can follow me on Facebook Star Studded.

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