10 Mistakes to Avoid before Age 60

By: Wazobia Staff

This article you are about to read was sent to me by a brother of mine. His uncle who is now over 60 years of age shared some things which people his age often regret not doing in their prime. If you think it’s too late, think again. Being alive provides an opportunity for us to make amends where necessary.

We often get deceived by time, many people think they have enough time and the truth is this, there is nothing like enough time. If we do not do what needs to be done now, then that may add to all the things that need to be done later. This puts us under pressure; doing more things at a later date as a result of procrastination.
We will be looking at these 10 mistakes one after the other.
1. Not saving or investing enough.
The deteriorating socioeconomic conditions in our society has made it more difficult for many people to meet up with their obligations and this put a strain on what is left after they try to take care of their bills. The thing is this, if you cannot save when you are earning little, the probability that you will not save when you are earning more is high. Let’s try to put some amount of money away for savings and investments. You will be amazed at what investing in the right things can generate for you especially during retirement.
2. Not spending enough time with family.
Many people are doing more than one job in order to make ends meet. Because of this, most parents do not pay enough attention to their children. Therefore, the children grow up anyway without parental bonding. Irrespective of the nature of your job or career, pay attention to your children, make them a priority, taking care of children goes beyond making money available. Go on vacation, have family time, let them talk to you on anything and everything. Many parents who find it difficult to fit their children into their schedule often become alienated from the children over time. This also teaches the children to not value family time as they get older.

3. Not reading enough.
Many people often find it difficult to read or get new information. They often become more comfortable to their regimental lifestyles and pay little attention to reading. Learning new skills and developing partnerships will help keep you active during retirement.
4. Inability to control sexual urges.
Younger people, especially those in their 20s and 30s, can go to any extent to satisfy their sexual urges. Some have multiple partners, in different occasions, which often leads to waste of resources. Not to mention the possibility of catching a sexually transmitted disease, which may not be curable, or an unwanted pregnancy. A lot of people in their sixties often wished they acted differently. Discipline is key, we need to learn how to control ourselves and focus on what is really important to avoid regret later.
5. Caring so much about what people say.
A lot of people often spend their prime years doing things just to impress other people. The truth is this, people who actually care about us will not encourage us to change just to impress them.
6. Not paying attention to our health.
People are so busy that they put off going for medical checkups. We should pay attention to our health as much as we pay attention to how we look. Health is wealth; the body we take care of in our prime will take care of us in our old age.
7. Not investing in others.
It’s ok to focus on yourself and families, but sometimes you have to invest in others. Help those you are blessed to help when you can, so they can be a blessing to someone else one day; maybe even you, who knows!
8. Not persevering.
Impatience has denied many people of a brighter future. They gave up the moment they encounter challenges only to regret it later. Don’t let impatience rob you of your future, be more determined in whatever you decide to do.
9. Inability to live your passion.
Many people have allowed the quest for money to deny them the opportunity of living their passion. Learn to accommodate your passion even in your quest to make money. Your passion, not money will bring fulfillment and joy during old age.
10. Not making the most of time.
Time remains the raw material for joyful living. People think they have all the time in the world, only to realize later that there was no time to do what they love. Make judicious use of your time every day by focusing on what is important, this reduces the amount of regrets as you age.

Hopefully reflecting on these ten things will help those still trying to navigate their ways through life. You are never too old to make a change towards making the rest of your life the best of your life.


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