The Inspiring Story Of Faith Mba: An African Who Brought 50 Jobs to His Community in the US

A popular adage says the first step towards achieving anything meaningful in life is the determination to succeed. Faith Mba, an African born but United States based businessman has just proven that.

Born in Delta State, Nigeria, Mba learned the art of sales from his mother, a local business woman. He eventually left Nigeria in the year 2000 bound for Holland where he got a job at Enterprise Rental Company. He went through the rigors of learning new languages and became proficient in Dutch and Germany. He rose through the ranks in the company and got married before relocating to the United State with his wife.

The experience working at the rental car company came in handy when got his first sales jobs in the US for two different dealerships. He rose through the ranks again and eventually became the finance director at his dealership in Greenfield, Mass. He later accepted a position as finance director at a car dealership in Boston, commuting 228 miles a day, before deciding to open his own business.

“America is a wonderful place, and if you work hard and stay focused you will reap success, you don’t have to own a business, but you must have a good work ethic with whatever you do,” said Mba.

Mba’s Faith Ford dealership recently opened at the former Brattleboro Ford dealership. Where he has created over 50 jobs and hopes to do more. “The business is doing very, very well, and it’s growing faster than we thought it would. We want to encourage those interested in cars to attend technical schools. Mechanics are very well paid, so getting into the auto industry is a great way to go.”

Mba’s inspiring story will no doubt encourage many immigrants and even those who live in their countries that when there is a will, there will be a way. We can do whatever we set our minds to, provided we work towards it.

Story credit goes to Cherise Madigan, a regular contributor to the Brattleboro Reformer.


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