Detroit City Primary Election 2017:Meet the Top Contenders

Detroit city primary election will be held on Tuesday,August 8, 2017. Out of the eight candidates listed on the ballot, two candidates seem to be leading the pack, Incumbent Mike Duggan and State Senator Coleman Young Jr.
1. Mayor Mike Duggan


mayor Duggan

The 59- year old politician won the Detroit Mayoral election in 2013, becoming the first white Mayor of the majority black city in more than four decades. It is believed that his tenure has witnessed remarkable turnaround in the fortune of the city. However, many are still of the belief that the poverty level in the city is still on the rise. He is expected to consolidate on the successes he recorded during his first term in office including loans to accelerate the city’s economic recovery and focus on making Detroit a more attractive locale for growing families.

2. State Senator Coleman Young Jr.

Senator Coleman

He is currently serving as State Senator for the 1st District, which reaches from Alter Road in Detroit to Gibraltar, Michigan. Prior to holding this current position, he served two terms as a Democratic member of the Michigan House of Representatives. He is the son of Detroit’s first African-American Mayor, Coleman Alexander Young, who served as Detroit’s Mayor between 1974 and 1994. State Senator Coleman Young Jr is believed to be the incumbent Mayor’s main challenger in this election. His areas of focus will be job creation and education.
With so many seats up for grabs including the nine city council seats, Detroiters will no doubt watch this primary election closely.





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