MSU Receives Request From White Supremacists

The  National Policy Institute has contacted Michigan State University  seeking to rent space to accommodate a speaker on campus. The NPI describes itself as “dedicated to the heritage, identity and future of people of European descent.

”We are aware of no connection with any MSU-related group or individual, but such is not required to seek publicly available space.

No decision has yet been made. We are reviewing the request closely in light of the deplorable violence in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend.

Michigan State takes seriously its obligations to accommodate a broad range of speech. As our record shows, this university does not determine who can access public spaces based on what they think or say.

Allowing access to public spaces would in no way constitute endorsement of messages that might be delivered there. NPI and similar groups’ events staged at American campuses are intended to provoke reaction that might seem to justify organizers’ racist and divisive messages, which we categorically reject”. MSU President Lou Anna Simon said in a statement.

Spencer and his group have made space requests at two other universities across the nation. He was scheduled to speak at Texas A&M on Sept. 11. On Monday, the university canceled that event.

Many of the students who spoke about the request  said that any speech that can cause breach of peace and security on campus should not be allowed.

White Supremacists March held at University of Virginia last week ended in violence, one life lost while many people sustained injuries.



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