NFOM to Host Nigerian Independence Day Celebration on October 7, 2017


Nigeria Foundation of Michigan (NFOM), the umbrella body of all Nigerian provincial organizations in Michigan has been watching developments at home with keen interest, we are of the belief that peace is panacea for development, our diversity should be seen as strength. We call on government to be more committed to the security of lives of all Nigerians wherever they live in the country.

The Foundation has concluded arrangements for this year’s Nigeria 57th Independence Anniversary scheduled to take place from October 6th through 8th, 2017 in metropolitan Michigan, U.S.A.  The anniversary, which promises to be a phenomenal one is designed to foster unity in diversity and  parade the beauty of Nigerian heritage in all ramifications.  Nigerians from across the state of Michigan will be converging for this special event.  Though October 1, 2017 is the day the anniversary is observed, our choice for the above weekend dates is for the convenience of our community.

NFOM under the leadership of its President Chief Sir Titus Emeka Amadi is the organizer and sponsor of this statewide event in concert with other Nigeria based parochial and state organizations in Michigan.  The event will feature displays peculiar to Nigeria, their roots, cultural heritage and influences aimed at engendering continuing spirit of brotherhood.  This is one-way Nigeria heritage can better be exposed and its contributions to the world firmly cast in bold relief.  Unique cultural heritage and artistic works will be exhibited. Important Nigeria dignitaries and their friends in Michigan and elsewhere have signaled their interest to attend.

It must be recalled that Nigeria was a colony of Great Britain until it became an independent nation on 1st October, 1960.  At present, Nigeria, the most populated country in Africa and about the 7th in world population is a fast growing nation with impressive foreign exchange earnings from oil.  The challenges have been enormous as she strives to make itself Africa’s strongest political economy.  However, this the time of the year when NFOM celebrates the sovereignty of our great nation. All are enjoined to join hands to make it a good one.

Celebrating the country’s independence anniversary reminds one that 1st of October was a turning point in Nigeria history because it regained its freedom as a sovereign state.   This makes the day and events set to mark it so special for every Nigerian, irrespective of age and ethnicity.  Often celebrated in grand style that spans for several days.  Activities includes with symposia, cultural extravaganza and related community activities designed to make the event memorable. This year the Nigerian Foundation of Michigan (NFOM), the highest umbrella Nigeria in Michigan has slated the weekend of October 6 through 8 as dates for commemorating Nigeria independence anniversary in the state of Michigan and all Nigeria based parochial and state organizations are working in concert to make the days and events slated for it very extraordinary.

The three-day celebration is one of the several programs of Nigerian Community in the State of Michigan that brings together Nigerians, their friends and well-wishers from all parts of Michigan and beyond, including professionals, business managers, and government officials.  The main focus of the event is:

  • Improving the economy through Youth Empowerment
  • Exhibition and display of Nigerian Cultural Artifacts and dances
  • Symposium, Business Expo, Town Hall meeting sessions
  • NFOM Community Health Services
  • Banquet Night

Over the years, Nigeria independence has gained prominence as the most widely attended Nigerian event in the state. A major program schedule of this special event is a business expo designed to stimulate international and local collaborations.  The three-day program will be characterized by comradeship, conviviality, felicitations with many interactive sessions that will stand out in the community.  People will again have a chance to enjoy all the above and more importantly discuss vital issues affecting the community and way forward for Nigeria.   Thoughtful and phenomenal programs have been put in place to make the celebrations both productive, engaging and outstanding.


The Business Forum scheduled for Friday October 6, 2017 will focus on entrepreneurship and youth empowerment with highlights on ways and means of establishing businesses both in homeland and in diaspora.  Information regarding accessibility and availability of resources that can help one adjust to the Nigerian business climate will be forthcoming. The health care presentation tagged – “Community Healthcare Services” will highlight ways NFOM free health service program can be actualized and ran with maximum efficiency.  Those without health insurance will benefit from this initiative.  Thankful to Dr. Ulifun and Chief Onwuemelie for their leadership in this direction.  Bravo to NFOM President Chief Amadi for ensuring that the infrastructure is ready to kick off the program

The main event of Saturday, October 7, 2017 brings together Nigerians and friends from all parts of Michigan and beyond, including professionals, business managers, and government officials.  Over the years, Nigeria independence anniversary has gained prominence as the most widely attended Nigerian event in the state.   There will be live music, cultural displays, exhibitions.  The thrilling and fearsome masquerades, the celebrated Ohafia war dance, the youthful Atiliogwu and many more will be featured for maximum entertainment.

Sunday October 8, 2017 will be dominated by interdenominational  services in worship centers  across the state.  Nigerians of all ethnicity are enjoined to attend and participate in all the anniversary activities: – the parade of states, distinct ethnic cultural display and special ethnic cuisine.  All well-meaning people, friends and well-wishers of Nigerian are encouraged to identify with and support this special anniversary.



By Chief Mathias Mgbeafulu

NFOM Strategy & Network Director

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