5 Ways to Conquer Procrastination

Have you ever thought about why you procrastinate? People procrastinate for multiple reasons, but the main reason is fear.

Fear of failure. Fear of people not agreeing with your plans. Fear of success. Fear of anything can stop you from living up to your fullest potential. Before fear robs you of your future try doing these few things.

  1. See yourself in the future.

Before you can work toward a specific goal you have to see yourself accomplishing that goal.

  1. Write down your goals.

Now that you can visualize obtaining your goals, write them down. It doesn’t matter how big or small put pen to paper.

  1. Break those goals into smaller pieces.

Some of the things you wrote down may seem insurmountable, but they’re not. Break those big goals down into smaller ones. For each of them write down what steps you need to take to accomplish each of those goals. Before you know it, that big goal will be done.

  1. Build an accountability circle.

No one is an island. We all need someone to push us when we want to give up. This is where accountability partners come into play. If you don’t have a mentor, pick one or two of your friends that are like minded and ask them to check in on you in regards to you working on your goals.

  1. Reward your success.

You are working hard at your goals. Getting things checked off your list. These strides need to be celebrated.

Procrastination should be avoided in every area of our lives in our quest toward achieving our goals and dreams in life.

Take that bold step today .

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