Meet the Indian family where all members are Pilots

The world is a global village, people are doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways. There is this family of Pilots in India, the grandfather and the pioneer in the family. Captain Jai Dev Bhasin made history when he became a commander in 1954, one of the seven pilots in the country to achieve the feat, his future daughter-in-law Nivedita Jain joined his company, Indian Airlines.

She married Jai’s son, Rohit who is also a Pilot. They have two children Rohan, 29 and Niharika, 26 who are also Pilots. They have a total of 5 Pilots in the family. According to Nivedita, 54 “Flying fascinated me for as long as I can remember. Maybe when I was as young as six or seven,”.

She was just 20 years old when she received her letter of appointment,  she later  achieved her most cherished career milestones. At age 26, she received her command on Boeing 737, becoming the youngest woman captain of a jet plane in the world. She was already a mother of one at the time.

She later became a trendsetter when she co-piloted the world’s first ever all-woman crew flight with a Fokker Friendship aircraft on the Calcutta-Silchar route in 1985. The mother admits that there were times she thought of  leaving  the profession, especially when her children were very young, but her determination to fulfill her dream kept her going.

The parents succeeded in passing the dream to their two children who became motivated by their parents’ choice of careers. Will there be more pilots in the following generation? Time will tell. Rohan is married to am HR Practitioner while the daughter may marry a Pilot anytime soon.


indian family 2



Credits: Hindustantimes.

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