Here Comes WGT Magazine!

The long awaited WGT Magazine is ready! Here are a list of the exciting information you will find between our pages.

Photo Spreads
2017 Women’s Convention Pg. 6
2018 NAIAS Pg. 23
Arch. Paul Aleobua’s Retirement & 60th Birthday Party Pg. 9
Headwrap Expo Pg. 22
Id el Kabir (Ileya) Get Together Pg. 28
London Political Summit Pg. 18
Mrs. Aderonke Adeyeye Celebrates 40 Years Pg. 14
Mrs. Beatrice Okelola’s Burial in Ondo Pg. 26
Mrs. Kemi Akande’s 50th Birthday Celebration Pg. 24
Surprise Party for Kola Restaurant CEO Pg. 27
Triga Outreach International Pg. 20
World Council of Mayors Conference Pg. 21


Feature Stories
Defining an Entrepreneur Pg. 10
Florence Nightingale Influenced Me Pg. 12
How We Acquired a Church worth £5 Million Pg. 16
HUD Working to Make Housing Affordable Pg. 11
My Greatest Asset Pg. 7
Real Estate in AFRICA Pg. 19
Serving My Community Pg. 8
Smart Goals Pg. 5

“An Unexpected Love” Pg. 30

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